• 2 Balatoni road, 1112 Budapest
  • 4000 m 2 | 400 headcount
  • átadás éve: 2021

A comfortable workplace for IT professionals

Oracle is a software company that originated from Silicon Valley in the USA and steadily grew to the rest of the world. For their latest location in Budapest, Mádiláncos Studio was given the task to design an office, which provides flexibility, collaboration and a welcoming atmosphere. Conceptually, the design of the space relies on the palette of neutral design elements, concrete surfaces and pastel tones. The architects strategically implemented Oracle’s new Redwood design concept into organic patterns and accent colours, so that both employees and visitors can experience the vivid corporate identity.

Each of the meeting rooms has been designed in different colours, from warm beige tones to brighter blue shades. By doing so, MLS gave the office space a bold and unique character. The colors also serve as coding for ease of orientation. The meeting rooms have also been equipped with Rainbow PET Felt Panels, which not only turned the walls into an interesting object but also improve the acoustics. As a result, conversations during meetings are kept inside the room only. To ensure the employees have a healthy working environment, MLS also created a few small rooms, where anyone can have a video call or focus entirely on their job. Here they followed the same design concept from the bigger meeting rooms — complimenting colour combinations, plenty of warm light and Acoustic PET Felt Panels.

Several informal meeting points and rooms encourage collaboration between colleagues. Highlights are the arena like brainstorming room, the game room and the large and well equiped cantine. In the world of hybrid working these facilities will propse an inviting alternative - a reason to visit the office and meet colleagues for the Oracle Budapest team.