Airfrance KLM

  • 7 Lechner Ödön avenue, 1095 Budapest 
  • 2250 m 2 | 216 headcount
  • átadás éve: 2020

Airfrance KLM decided to refurbish its offices in Millennium Tower II. with the goal of introducing desk sharing. They commissioned MádiLáncos to design and manage the construction of the project.

The aim was to integrate diverse, flexible work zones into the office space that was furnished with a classical bench system. We stirred up the monotonous order of benches with hot desks and community tables. The central circulation core blocked the communication between employee so we have introduced penetrations to ease circulation and collaboration. Collaboration areas have been introduced in these penetrations with sofas and armchairs.

Some of the formal meeting rooms have been transformed into informal spaces and breakouts with soft seating and ambient lighting. The kitchen has been refurbished as a work café that can be connected to the adjacent training room to house larger events. In the reception area, with the change of the exiting furniture, a work lounge has been created.

Travelling and flying are the main themes of the design to complement the brand identity. Existing ceiling and lighting had to be kept, as budget was tight. We aimed to change the atmosphere by getting rid of the boring grey carpet. We designed red and blue overlapping carpet rectangles to highlight different collaboration zones with bold wall colors to indicate points of interest in the office.

We used riveted aluminum sheets for planters and roller containers and graphical motifs (visa stamps, airport screens, clouds and contrails), that connect to travel. Our intervention has helped our client to revitalize its working environment which now reflects what AirFrance KLM is really about.