corporate design

MadiLancos Studio has achieved an outstanding position in the corporate design market. We render services to the most established multinational and Hungarian companies and law firms. Our work has earned us several recognitions:  In 2011, the new Ringier office was chosen the “Office of the Year”. In 2012 the new Allianz headquarters received the Architectural Nivo Prize. In 2013 the new NNG headquarters was chosen the “Office of the Year” and the Procter & Gamble offices received a special prize for its innovative solutions.
We believe that office space should be a reflection of the company’s values and culture both for clients and staff.  We strive to fulfill the expectations of our clients and produce a design that is unique and recognizable.
Our design services cover the full spectrum from space planning and concept design to detailed construction plans. We collaborate with a team of engineers and specialists regularly to provide MEP plans to our clients. Based on our project management skills and market experience, we generate construction cost estimates during the various design phases to inform our client’s decisions. We involve our clients in the design process and support them in communicating the change towards their staff thereby enhancing the acceptance of the new office and reducing the possibilities of conflict.