Over the years companies undergo major changes that necessitate modifications to their office layout. After a certain point these changes cannot be effectively backed up by minor and localized interventions. To our clients who are planning to move or refurbish their current offices we provide professional consultancy in order to minimize their risk and meet their expectations regarding their investment. We guide them through the whole process from the programming and feasibility phases through the different design and building phases to the turnkey handover.
In case of an overall refurbishment we survey the existing layout, facilities and furniture to identify any technical deficiencies and ineffective areas. Based on this survey we prepare layout and corresponding budget proposals.
In the case of a move to a new office we list the expected technical facilities and qualities in the fields of architecture, MEP and fire protection for our client. We summarize any special needs such as larger and complex server rooms, mobile archiving rack systems, conference facilities, etc. and determine the non standard technical parameters these installations require.
Based on these facts, we can help our clients choose the office that fits their technical requirements best. We also support our client in checking the technical annex of the lease contract.