Hotel CASATI Budapest

2012 október, 31 Paulay Ede Street, Budapest, 1500m2
The Casati Budapest Hotel is a 25-room boutique hotel in the center of Budapest. Formerly Hotel Pest, the historic 18th century building has been renovated and redefined in 2012 by MadiLancos Studio. 
Typical of Budapest architecture, the beautifully landscaped courtyard opens to the sky and creates an oasis for our guests.
The rooms and suites of Casati Budapest Hotel are all different. Feel free to choose from our four room styles: “CLASSIC”, “COOL”, “NATURAL” and “HEAVEN”.
The hotel and the rooms are furnished with original paintings so that guests can experience art in a new way.

Our concept was to blend contemporary design and art with luxury comfort while preserving the original building’s heritage.