2018 október, 1117, Budapest Alíz utca 4. - Office Garden III building, 740m2

AstraZeneca is a global player in the pharmaceutical business sector focusing on innovative drugs research, development and sale. The Cambridge based company has a Budapest branch with a headcount of 68. 

AstraZeneca has developed a global real estate strategy to enable and promote agile and flexible work methods to enhance communication between staff and work efficiency. Their new Budapest office in the Office Garden III. building was designed to suit the new Activity Based work approach. A shared desk policy was introduced in the new office for the entire staff, including top management ranks. The spaces liberated from closed offices and workstations have been dedicated to house various forms of collaboration, focused work, recreations, etc. The characteristics and equipment of these spaces have been defined based on the various activities colleagues will perform during their daily work routines. The complex zoning and the variety of work environments ensure that everyone will find the best settings for their task. 

A range of acoustic surfaces and solutions have been introduced in the office spaces to enhance user comfort. Acoustic wall finishes have been used on the corridors – these hide wardrobes and lockers. Carpets have been used as acoustic wall finish in the focus rooms – these rooms are used for long conference calls or for focused individual work. Colours, materials, light fixtures and light levels have been chosen to communicate a warm and welcoming ambience. Mobile furniture was selected according to the highest ergonomic standards. A live green wall was built at the reception, and several plant islands were formed in the office area to add a natural and enjoyable feature to the workspace.